Torches – Foster the People

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Ruby- Foster The People

but I said Ruby, Ruby, Ruby
you gotta start lifting your head up, head up, head up
and I said Ruby, Ruby, Ruby
I know it’s hard but you gotta get out of bed, out of bed, out of bed

yeah she doesn’t know what to do
she’s got everything and nothing to lose


It would be really awesome if Greninja’s surf took shape of other pokemon


this was gonna be my submission to Ghibli Jam but I’m TOO LATE, oh well.


Anonymous asked you:

Hey, is it okay if you like do a tutorial on trees and shrubs? PS: I looooooove your art and tutorial they are just soooooo wonderful, inspiratonal, amazing.

aww thank you so much!! ;v; haha well I don’t know a lot of trees so here’s two I actually know lmao, oak tree and pine tree I will go study more tree names when I have the time ohgosh _(:3 7 hope it helps!