no you don’t understand how freaking much I love this pokemon… like, it starts as a tissue pokemon who’s said to be the weakest dragon-type (I was so surprised when I found out that it’s a dragon like… it’s just a slime??) and it looses eyesight for a while and it tries so hard to be a real dragon! and one day, poof it turns out to be this big cute slimy dragon < u > smooches


Fire nation siblings for Kuzu!

I miss the Gaang so much 


Human Raava and Human Vaatu!!!


I just started making some references for myself, but got carried away hahah… ha :’D

I figured I’d share. I’m hoping to make a series of these things for all the drawing bits that give me trouble: woman torsos, hands, wings, different body types, etc.

I hope you also find them useful!